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I am very pleased to welcome you to a different world from where you plan for your future career. I firmly believe that your choice should not be questionable as you go with your cutting edge idea; no matters how many times you wander, but you should opt yourself for the right path which we show to you after we make the through study of your financial status and academic achievement. Our expert team supports you from Test Preparation to Lodgment by collating your academic virtues.

I have a firm belief that Ashford International Pvt. LTd. is your best choice to have the genuine advice on how you can move ahead to have the dreamed degree to shape yourself in the job market tomorrow. Before you invest on your education yourself, probably, research on the proposed courses, education provider and the country itself is crucial. Besides, you should also consult a good and professional consultant like us and at Ashford, we always work hard and stand firm to give the best advice and guidance for your admission, visa documentation and post settlement. We are here to welcome you always!

In the mean time, We also welcome the international universities and colleges which are seeking the genuine students in the student market of Nepal. Please write us to us whenever you need our support.



The history of Ashford is the self evidence in itself to discern how well we grew in the market of Nepal. It is not too much time we have spent but surely the quality time that we have spent to make a new brand by redefining the generic business path that the consultants normally assume. The philosophy we believe is; think for quality, work for the brand, and smile at future not with the past because every day we find a thousand of miles to go and, millions of people to meet, and trillions of things to succeed. No formula is absolute and no partner is perpetual and no way is defined. It is therefore; we redefine our way.


Abroad Study is our major concern and we have diversified our way after we have started to develop a separate section for each country we work for. Our CEO, Mr Yubraj Katwal is such a telling consulting persona who has the ample experience. He began his path at the fraternity since 1998. His service at major stakeholder has been an exemplary. Such an epitomized person is the CEO who has been leading the team; as a result we have a strong net-work with the colleges and universities in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Newzealand, Cyprus, and in Japan. Our students can make the choice from an array and our course guidance is another epitome. In our understanding, counseling does not mean a mere processing but counseling means to design a track path of study for a student as per his economic, academic and social demand. We also take the interest of the student in to the account. Our counseling can change his tendency on the subject matter and the way the student walks comes easier, and will go pragmatic to be a successful professional. That’s why; we design the student to sell in the market but we never spoil his calling just because consulting is our business. It is but rather, we feel, we are to serve you.

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We are a bench-marking student recruitment company having the most trust-worthy and the most visible national and international reputation. Be a leader from us rather than a cheap worker. Let us share the secrets of success ways to define you and redefine your way; Counseling is not a mere visa lodgment but a judicious job of expert that clarifies about your career path, visa possibility, immigration structure, your stay, and your costs. You do not regret but you recommend!!!


Ashford International Pvt. Ltd came with a very small seed amount of investment at the very beginning, almost decade ago but the trend of its business was multiplied in such way that we could have been able to recruit a meaningful number of people in the most above-board manner. Since the inception of the company, we have been providing the brand-value service to our aspirants on Study Abroad, Migration and Test Preparation. The expert –value is crystal in no time after we are with our own difference in the crowd of consulting services. With such a short span, the identity, we have built up is the living proof on how we approach the market and which modality we maintain in the service. Though we do not try to annex as any institutions as possible, we fundamentally go for the selection in terms of quality, reputation, and the comfort ability and even the modality of agreement. We primarily divide our services into three categories though there are a number of things we cater to the aspirant whoever thinks of us for the support as such Students Visa Consulting, Migration, and Test preparation. However, we also address the clients for other services as such business visa and visit visa consulting. Our corporate feeling is; we have to develop the clientele rapport in a zoometry way as our students and migration clients visit from the eclectic source with the monolithic expectation.


Ashford, a pioneer in the field dispels all the myths usually associated with ‘Study Abroad’ and has brought the concept of overseas education to the doorstep of every student, by making it affordable & devoid of cumbersome procedures. Our excellent network with the Universities helps us to deliver our best services to our students. Ashford is a solution-oriented company, with a single mind approach in tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters that may prevail in each case. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal. Though we have our associates from the countries we work, we still welcome universities and colleges which want us to work for years and years! Your business profile will absolutely be changed! Our strong network with the consultants from Nepal and India will enhance your institutional value in such a way that you have never had business before since we are associated with more than 50 other companies and 100s of agents.


The next major part of our commercial activity is migration. We began this service operation since we came to exist as the stake-holder. We understand that Nepal has a huge possibility not only in student migration but also in the professional migration. We are coordinating with our migration agent in Canada, Australia, and in Europe to give the internationally proven service to our clients locally in Nepal. Thus, they do not need to search out for the lawyers on line. Getting in to the migration without lawyer is like staking yourself in the trackless jungle; you never come out. Our structured capsule process has taken complication into no time success. Thus, we do not speak; let us serve you! We are also one of most trustable Test prep Centers for the candidates. We not only teach you the test formats and the hidden strategies but also English. Our proven teaching method could be your first step of success which we have applied over 2500 students. You could be the next to win over what you want.